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this season

it is the season of giving,
thru a Spirit unseen living.

everyone with their own belief,
hanging on both sides was a thief;
one denying,
one crying,
each dying the same way,
one went to the Kingdom that day.
my heart is touched by His birth,
to save all of us on this earth.

it took time to believe,
my heart's pain He did retrieve.
my understanding He defined,
turning water into wine.
making parables conversation,
He has become my salvation.

take not lightly the Child born,
then pierced by life's thorn.
taking away our sin,
where would I begin...

once a;
crack addict, alcoholic, hater, manipulator, narcissist know it all, cheater,
convict, womanizer, extremely very angry person, selfish, & a simple
waist of flesh...
now a;
simple forgiven adopted child of God.

no religion,
ive seen where its all been.
no opinions or assumptions,
just true Godly convictions.
to love one another,
knowing all are my Sister & Brother.

peace be with you & yours during this celebration of Jesus' birthday,
for you & yours I always pray.
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Galina Valkova More than 1 year ago
  ( I come from a place of love )-"Slap-Slam-Trump" , please review the poem and the rest of my work and please spread the word
Poetry.com 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Jawahar Gupta More than 1 year ago
Jawahar Gupta More than 1 year ago
Where have you Gone for such a long time?
Hope to read your more poems,
~~~~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~~
Jessica Leupitz 10 months ago
Loved this
Maddy Young 6 months ago
very nice work
Wilder Carnes 3 months ago
Nice rhythm in the poem, great read!
CLINT 4 months ago
A piece of work! Really enjoyed it
Richard Stephan 22 days ago
@Peace @ricoSacto #ricoSacto
Martin McGill 3 months ago
"We love all humanity, but only under certain conditions."

"I need to control you for him."

"Take it."
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