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A Levels

A wayward student
Pondered his path
A came before O's
Cause he was deft

Already at know
Before begin
Advance before start
Was what he'll win

It's the status Que
For those who do
That march in repeat
Their payment due

Compulsory taught
Who's fit to learn
Education's bent
Those who's concern

That certificate
Saying you can
Or your very life
Saying you will

This wayward student
With future checked
Adjusted himself
And braced his back

At the end of all
It was his gain
Oh! the O level
Advance makes plain!!!
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Shane Mitchell More than 1 year ago
I'm an A-Level student of Literature and can very much relate to this. The poem is structured wonderfully and the thoughts are expressed in a beautiful manner.
Pat Kroyer More than 1 year ago
Like it
David Vincent 8 months ago
How cool!  I really like it  Please review my poem titled "My Voyage"
sonia crt 9 months ago
i like your poem
Chris Misdary More than 1 year ago
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