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Nick 27

Baby I left a love note
Somewhere low, for you to find
It's somewhere in the open
It gave me pause in my mind

That nick I call 27
Of the many I recall
Its the one that touches me
That small scar from your slight fall

Obtained from a little girl
My discovery in route
The lingering at that spot
Was the reason for my stout

Places no man's gone before
Those sweet pleasure dates with you
With every curve in my gaze
With this in mind, it's a clue

Some scars will bring you sadness
Others, delight and tickle
My love is for the long haul
No bridges for the fickle

Meet me at spot 27
The nick above the right curve
Let me toy and touch you there
And let lose your hidden nerve

Every where is important
Your eyes and nose mouth and lips
But lets meet together there
With finger tips on your hips
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Misti Reynolds More than 1 year ago
Love the style and expression! 
Susan Wall More than 1 year ago
flows really good like this styl
Sarah Phillips More than 1 year ago
Coy Day More than 1 year ago
Cris Cansdale More than 1 year ago
Excellant wish i did it
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