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Winter Dance

On the day that death took leave,
Leafs fell from amber covered trees,
When autumn turns to ice
And frigid winds bend,
Death will surely pay its price.
Its soul was sold
To turn back the cold
Gripping tightly, had no chance
Written in bloody romance
Consuming eternally, lips of red
Black mask to hide
Bitter dance of dread.
Selling souls
Compelling roles
Here you hide in masks of dye
Death will seek you
It will find you.
Lurching toward your end. 
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Nash Thomas More than 1 year ago
see my poems too
Masy More than 1 year ago
good i thik it is mor clear dont need my thought or trying to understand
Susan Meehan More than 1 year ago
An old poem I wrote. I thought about editing it and adding to it, but I felt like that would take away from what I felt when I wrote it so long ago. This was my feelings, my emotions at that time and I would not have that changed just to make this a "better" poem. :)
Poetry.com 4.3 out of 5 based on 48 votes.
Hassen Gara 19 days ago
dealt with a serious topic , powerful words and imagination. Congratulations.I kindly invite you to read my poems DO NOT WRITE HIM OFF , and FLIGHT OF THE EAGLE. eAGER TO GET YOUR FEEDBACK
Nimita Azeez 6 months ago
Loved it!
julio montenegro 6 months ago
that was incredible
Patrick Boyd 8 months ago
Would you mind reading my poems and give me advice?
Erica Galloway 9 months ago
very lovly my bows to you great poetic .
Andreea-Mădălina Tănase 10 months ago
Death will find me alive. Keep up the good work!
Alexandru Guzzonato 12 months ago
Kudos for one one of the best pastels I have ever read.
ex poet More than 1 year ago
Nikkieandbilly Shaver More than 1 year ago
Sheena Vasani More than 1 year ago
love it!
leeba plotsker More than 1 year ago
I really like this.
sri devi More than 1 year ago
death come one day. true, lot is explored here
Robert Vega More than 1 year ago
Really like it
Jared Thomas More than 1 year ago
Definitely layered with talent.. Keep it up
Misa Chan More than 1 year ago
deep,beautiful n melancholic
Bianca Goddard More than 1 year ago
So powerful!!!
Brandon Tucky More than 1 year ago
Chris Trzcinski More than 1 year ago
awesome poem I can relate to this poem its the time of year i dread the days are very short col and full of darkness
Japleen Kaur More than 1 year ago
keep it up!!!
Alaina Turner More than 1 year ago
i like the vocabulary simple for anyone to understand but complex to make it well written
Robyn Ivings More than 1 year ago
I can totally see this being on a Tim Burton short stop motion animation :) I love the similes and symbolism about Death. Very well written! Thank You for sharing!
Ritu Sharma 24 days ago
great depth in words!
Kinshuk Saxena 5 months ago
you have metaphorically mastered the use of words !!
Stephanie Penn 7 months ago
Sarah Casey 11 months ago
As I read I feel the pain yet happiness of the words.I see the world you want me to see, thank you
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