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My Gala Celebration

Scared and alone, a little child
cries for help, unheard.  I’m preyed
upon, helpless, hopeless surviving
through years of trauma, crisis, and strife.
Searching for answers, reading
books, nothing quenches my fervent
thirst.  Music, activities, all diversions
do not satiate my empty space. 
Frantically to satisfy desperate despair
overachieving, alcohol, dependency on family
increase wretchedness and misery, even
my children and husband do not care.
Over years of excessive working to prove
worth, more cruelty evolves expressing
domestic brutality.  No means to leave
this victimization, defaulting as the walking dead. 
Finally, as ready as the drowning can be,
I hear loving messages of help through my
intense fog.  Answers to guide me on a new path,
towards outgrowing immaturity and ancient history. 
Solutions raise my spirit into new heavenly days.  With
diligence, persevering and keys to the kingdom, enthusiastically
I open to guidance, painfully grow into self honesty
eagerly willing to leave my shameful past.
Transforming into a new paradigm, love’s all around,
infusing my void. Every shattered piece lovingly repaired,
gracefully placed to compose a whole. I found my soul. 
Day by day in celebration, my joyful heart sings, I’m home.
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Christine Vaudrinrios More than 1 year ago
Wonderful poetic works and storyline.
Angga Kusumadinata 20 days ago
I love it most
Angela Vaughan More than 1 year ago
It need to rhyme knock, knock on the ravens door.
Kevin Godspoet More than 1 year ago
keep up the good writing
Marilyn Redmond More than 1 year ago
thank you!
Anna Laurencio More than 1 year ago
Continuent la magnifique créativité Keep up the wonderful creativity
Cornell Mack More than 1 year ago
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