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home sweet home

This bitter structure,
This place I call home,
Memories linger on the walls,
Frames tightly hold.

Soft fragrance carried to each room,
Given off by candlelight,
Each creek as you walk,
Carries into the night.

In my palace,
I roam these halls,
As a deck of cards,
I protect so it won't fall.

Memories occur,
From childhood past,
Carried with me through the years,
As I look into my time glass.

Home sweet home,
Made by me,
Open doors welcome you,
Come and have a seat.
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Diana Sitnic 6 months ago
i will remember this when I'm traveling
Amy Luxon 2 days ago
you are a very good writer and I love reading your work
James Stringer 11 months ago
Home is where the heart is 
Helen Setta More than 1 year ago
As I look into my time glass.
Sambit Kumar Pradhan More than 1 year ago
Nice imagery!
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