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tonight I found you

New to this moment,
Softness in your eyes,
I pull you closer,
Comfort is where we lie.

Try but you can't,
To give your heart away,
You clench and you hold,
That's your only way.

Anxious for this time,
Anticipate your every move,
Nervousness fills the air,
Softly spoken to soothe.

Eyes searching for something,
Looking deep within me,
To fulfill a dream,
Only you can see.

Close eyes lightly now,
No sight is needed,
Only fingers to touch,
Where pain is depleted.

There deep inside of you,
Stirs an empty hole,
This life kept pouring,
That cracked your soul.

But tonight sits new,
Is broken heart mending,
Tonight is the night,
As love is pending.

Waiting to decide on,
Sending signals be code,
Only time will interpret,
Doorway open or closed.

Eyes sit open wide,
Speaking into the dark,
A reflection of me,
Looking through to your heart.

Words wished to speak,
Tongue you held tight,
But actions spoke more,
I found you tonight.

I proceeded with caution,
And waited on you,
Your patience stood still,
Eyes decided, they drew.

A map to feel,
To what you know as true,
Behind your perfect kiss,
Whispers I love you.
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Cice Rivera More than 1 year ago
I shared on twitter!
Poetry.com 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 86 reviews.
Katie Fornelius More than 1 year ago
Very beautiful, nice rhythm 
John Velasquez More than 1 year ago
looking forward to reading more of your works!
Diana Sitnic More than 1 year ago
bravo wow
Jesus Mariscal More than 1 year ago
This is a really good one 
tmoj . More than 1 year ago
MD Shehu More than 1 year ago
Stefani Smith More than 1 year ago
Very well done.
Santosh Dahal More than 1 year ago
great interpratation.....great expression
Clifford Cherry More than 1 year ago
This flows beautifully! Reminds me of a time during my youth.
Gerlie Espanola More than 1 year ago
Latoya Brown More than 1 year ago
nicely done
Jessie Martinez More than 1 year ago
New fan
Lola Love 11 months ago
Love it beautifully written 
Amy Luxon 11 months ago
you are a really good writer 
Ellen Wolfson 7 months ago
I love this!  I can really feel what you felt- and I want to know more - how is it going now?  Are you following me?  if not, please do!

Cheryl Gold 7 months ago
it talks about a love. either about the love she has for jesus or the love she has for a man. You don't have to see this type of love to know this kind of love love cause its deep within your soul.
Jerry Stiles 9 months ago
Great poem ma'am,,felt like nervous love,,or cautious love or hurt love that's unwary,
Jerry Stiles 9 months ago
Hey kiddo,,give darkpoetry.com a try,,it has a good group of people,,don't have to be dark on it,,I'm on it and I like it,,
CLINT 7 months ago
Very moving 
Chris Garvey 6 months ago
Beautiful words that flow from a beautiful heart.

jbarnett1521 5 months ago
Loved it
Hoddy  5 months ago
I love it 
ashlee stine 5 months ago
Love this!
Olatunde Adebesin More than 1 year ago
This is a great work. The imagery, the language,...it's fantastic.
Rubein Geterminah 3 months ago
Love has its ways with those besieged.
But only poets can better describe the emotions, moods and atmospheres in such surroundings.
And this is just what the poet did.
She observed every details on that encounter to have determined love found.
Ambika Mani 4 months ago
Very well done!!
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