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Father of Fur Babies

Thank you for throwing my tin balls
Long after it has driven you up the walls
And loving me even when I’m silly
Love you forever-Tilly
Thank you for talking to me
Even when I’m super whiny
Sharing your spicy food and cayenne
Love you forever-Batman
Thank you for all you kindness
And being patient with my shy blindness
Understanding who I am within
Love you forever-Anneberlin
Thank you for rescuing me
Despite already having three
And allowing me to steal momma
Love you forever- Arya 
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Jason McDonald More than 1 year ago
This is a really sweet poem from the heart, it's lovely, thanks for sharing with us
Sef Lyons More than 1 year ago
Very good
Joey Magill More than 1 year ago
So cute to hear so many loving words
To all good daddy's  out there bless you all 
Prince ilesanmi kehinde femi 12 months ago
I love this
Mic Cinani 11 months ago
Oh daddy
Nicholas Goffredo More than 1 year ago
So nice to read a positive poem about a Dad. You've honored your father and good dad's everywhere. I enjoyed the structure and playfulness of the piece as well. Awesome!!!
Sri Nagastram More than 1 year ago
thumbs up
Katie Fornelius 10 months ago
I like this poem, also your biography. Very well done
Richard Stephan 11 months ago
papa's are some jealous and crazy nutjobs when they get all wound up......god job for a furbaby maker's chronicler!  It rocks!  ;-) #ricoSacto @ricoSacto
nathen moynihan More than 1 year ago
i love how the fact you have love for your dad such as if you was a kid again. its very well put . dont lose the point . ever !
Anonymous Poet 9 months ago
Very cute.. love the concept & it's beautifully written. 
Cice Rivera 8 months ago
I shared on twitter!
Sylvia Kennedy 9 months ago

Mommy still allowing

Daddy still following

Avengers still carrying






Mistress Kandle Hitler

Yudi Shah 7 months ago
very good
Jim Mearns 8 months ago
The images of these fur babies writing these notes is not just amusing, but I so much relate to the latter's receiver.
Sandra King 7 months ago
In a world where absent fathers are dirtier by the dozens,
it is uplifting knowing that there are others like myself, that
are blessed to have a man of stature called daddy in our
lives.  The presence of a father is a permanent bow wrap
around a child's heart.

Thank you for sharing!!!
Shibin Kurian Vallattuthundathil 6 months ago
So affectionate
Diana Sitnic 6 months ago
bravo wow
Martha Michels 5 months ago
I love your poem
Muhammad Khalid Khan 4 months ago
Demetrius Hamm 3 months ago
Very sweet read
Angela Neon Garcia 13 days ago
Really sweet and whimsical.
damos french More than 1 year ago
Great job
Sherry Ann More than 1 year ago
Very good 
Douglas Ward 11 months ago
Love the poem wish I knew my dad lol
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