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when you wish upon a star they get jealous of what you are. go away fake stars

As I realized my pen was impudent against against a cold courthouse
My blood ran into icy lumps and obviously pulsated through my brain
For the horror story I was dreaming of unraveling was true.
To maintain my thoughts and escape to a righteous vindictive slaughter.
I said now self . You are the only one who knows how wrong you were done.
You will be puking and missing your name at those dirtbags heroes funerals.
So constantly I prayed for the mind of vengeance to subside to be at ease.
I found a magazine expressing the value of falling stars or meteorites.
I prayed to have the fortunate experience of finding such said star.
to compensate me for the time away from all I held dear to me a suffered.
Knowing that the courthouse was absolutely setting on a hoolow pit shaking.
From the antics of the witnesses a lying like the style was about to change.
The court reporters typewriters were ireprehensibly demonically possessed.
Finally upon release i began cleaning up all around the place and yes.
I picked up my first falling star laying on a peice of chain link fence.
Later cutting grass another big one was found found and placed for later.
I had net studied for the value of the stars and found the market price off .
So I put the first one on the shelf as its value was only a few thou.
Then I was forced to spend a life in a twisted plot to end my existence.
While recovering I remembered the second star and cleaned it up
Upon inspection I noticed it was special in that one side was melted .
The other side was not and contains fossils proving life was out there .
i decided it was priceless after researching the thing and ESA take on it.
They proved it was entirely possible for such a thing to happen and sought.
I could not reach overseas at the time due to internet server limitation.
i reached out to Washingtons Smithsonian Institutes Linda Walzenzach.
I sent a walnut sized peice of the star as instructed and was told 30 days.
the testing process was cancelled apparently for it was back in 7 .
I don't know why they blew it off like they did but it really happened.
I told them I was innocent and what it was so they probably freaked out .
Everyone around this little mudhole of a town I live in covered my innocence.
Tells tales of how wicked of a vile monster i am and have always been.
They painted me up like some kind of modern day boogie man.
I remember hearing months before the wreck."don't you live through it"
I thought they were just drunk and crazy talking like always mouthy idiots.
I could not have imagined what they were about to do was even possible.
For a man to be converted to a remote control unit and provide truth to lies.
 first thing when i googled spiritual possession, Japanese martial arts trance.
I also ordered some hand cuffs in case I felt the Static cling wrap me again.
The imbacils then through me back into the worthless prison system.
I would be walking along on crutches, inmates  calling out my name.
I had no idea who they were or how they knew my name at all.
So i began studying the materials that bible college i wound up ,in held.
i got into the foreign religions seeking what attrocity had been used .
The instruction received was enough to get the attention of other psychics.
I got mixed vibes the whole while of as to say or keep silent of the thing.
I begged for a polygraph test to prove it was all a big mess and iwas denied.
i got a polygraph test in my dreams and was like yes i am going home .
Only to wake up in that crap hole being robbed like all the others.
The state uses inmates to run the general fund so things aren't there that should be.
First the system is way overcrowded to the tune of around 250% capacity.
The program dorms for inmates were converted to residents and even gyms.
The hygeine the people were supposed to get was bottom shelf good for little.
The state sent some to louisiana and mississipi but were sent back because they robbed them as well.
The state kept the subsidy from Uncle sham rather than pay up for housing.
These were piled in tents at the processing warehouse in montgomery.
The officers were the worst kind of host at times seeking only pay raises.
The not guilty sign i wore around my neck was amusing to them.
Until word got out I was getting the officers names when i asked them about a polygraph test.
Then a threat was sent to me to steal good time if i did not follow orders.
I had sent it home and ma put it in safe keeping for me until i got out.
It had all the officers names dates and response to mthe request for a polygraph test.
I told ma to take it and tear it up just throw it away they even threatened.
burning the house down with all of them still in there.
The prisoners had overcome society and were playing mind games with everyone.
They were innocent in that the state had them sacrificed a robbing their stuff.
I wrote a couple of hundred poems while away intending only raise my gram.
They turned out to be hits and were found even in my home court as rendition petition.
The spirit of many famous people were there with me at times it seemed.
Other than that I had no one that really cared about me at all.
Quite the opposite i had become their innocent sacrifice to send to hell.
Actually having lived through a sacrificial beating while unconcious.
The spirits of the underworld cling to me for salvation from disorder
I experience comfort from the spirits only pretty much I am an outcast.
When i reach out even from this place for work and aquire the stories
About the horrible person I am begin to unfold and telepathic hell erupts.
I assume it will never end , nothing can please this bunch of burn outs.
One thing led to another and soon i will get support and then it fades.
My identity gets hidden by so many to play with rights to vindicate i have.
In a nut shell.
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Kyla Ann More than 1 year ago
This was outstanding. The wordage was flawless and ingenious compared to many modern day poets. My only critique to this near masterpiece though is a few grammatical errors and some vulgarity that can more easily be expressed through comparisons or more intellectual interest. Some of the kid like terminology for the life-locked prison can easily be transformed into words or phrases like, "destitution" or "delirium scribed fathoms". It makes the average person think of the meaning and takes the figurative language to other levels. Many writers also love oxymorons and contradictions. I do at least. It adds tension to the poem and scriptures you more as a word-player than writer. Otherwise this was impeccable. I have no other complaints.
Barrett Green More than 1 year ago
I believe this to be the first descriptive revue of the works I announce. You could be right but Lay men's terms are easy to feel. A type of Hell is what I have been through & I appreciate your respectful review. The state of the institution is not all bad in that a reduced time is offered here. On the down side rights are taken voluminously by the cash incentive. The Pardons requests are set off 2 years on all new requests. Civil rights are of course granted immediately.
Carlito R. Dela Casa 18 days ago
Chelsie Satterwhite More than 1 year ago
Nice it's different
Barrett Green More than 1 year ago
Yes, insight instilled glad you like.
Jessica Leupitz More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this. The feel of it is different from the normal poem, more if a story. Which I liked. I did notice a few errors in spelling which isn't a huge deal and in some areas I noted felt more like rambling but otherwise great job!:)
Ed C More than 1 year ago
Kind of rambles, and you might want to check the spelling and check the capitalizations where needed
Barrett Green More than 1 year ago
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