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Peace At Last

Peace has come to my inner storm
Years of torment, abuse and more.
Daily searching for deep answers to reveal
my soul’s moving out of past evil.
Returning to one with God constantly means
inner fears, guilt, shame releasing,
imbedded in my mind,  
patiently, waiting for me to find.
Slowly more comes to light
That controlling with all my might
Continues the anguish and despair,
it’s time to find a way to repair.
My old ideas need to change.
Transformed into a loving encompassing range,
healing myself and extending it to others;
even if those harming me are not my brothers.
Forgiveness for all including myself
Creates equality, among ourselves.
Moving toward wholeness through inner love
Brings blessing to all from up above.
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Olivia Holt More than 1 year ago
Great job. I think that was great. Thankyou for writing that it reminds me of my little sister Nikki
Ging Alburo More than 1 year ago
Keep it up Check mine too and find the best one:)
Kim Branson More than 1 year ago
I particularly relate to several aspects of this poem, which may lend a biased opinion. I can feel the struggle that the author has been through. Powerful words and realities fill the beginning lines and extend mostly throughout. The only possible negative would be the simplistic ending, yet truth is clean and simple so there isn't much you can do to alter that. Thank you for sharing this with the world!
Sammer Ghouleh More than 1 year ago
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