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Roofing until my back broke

so what is your thing.(1st voice)
i was just a roofer.(2nd voice)
how loud of a roofer.(etc)
 a really loud roofer.
what could a roofer cost.
per week it varies.
why'd they rob you.
the roofing was plenty.
and the roofing roofed for.
paid me a plenty.
like 1700 a week at home.
 chasing storms is high.
thats a decent roofed.
yeah about 1200 beats an hour peek.
that's 150 an hour loud beat
i paced it with a beat.
hour by hour increase.
so straightness was 1st.
still stretching through 2nd.
shifting into 3rd .
easing on into 4th.
still cadillacing in 5th.
so that's what was robbed .
then to hide it all.
they tried for me to kill.
almost did it too.
that's pretty tough.
yeah, I need it behind me.
what about the back.
yeah, roofing is over.
so you need the wish.
and the shout out.
so when did you 1st laugh again.
it was twisted i learned.
a response to the all for all.
the all for all.
yeah the border answered.
you talking about .
i'm talking about.
serious providence.
might you be convinced.
a shout out.
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Uriel Casus More than 1 year ago
I don't understand the premise of this poem but it does flow well. 4 out of 5
Barrett Green More than 1 year ago
w was an r.
William Stelzer More than 1 year ago
Your writing is awesome
Barrett Green More than 1 year ago
glad you noticed.
Mythily Govindan 9 months ago
The poem conveys the hard labour of the roofer.... the stress of the labour even steals his peace .
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