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I Unbuttoned my Bossom

er body is a living paradise
Her beauty is a divine jewel
It happened in a scented night
full of sweets and grape wines
She came close to say a goodbye
but then something happened on its own
I unbuttoned my Bossom wide
to hold her  in my Ideal place.
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Maria Clavo More than 1 year ago
sounds like a model
I Unbuttoned my Bossom , by Sajad Wani 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Maria Clavo More than 1 year ago
very nice
Galina Valkova More than 1 year ago
, please review  my work and please spread the word
Sajad Wani More than 1 year ago
love it
Saraswathi Vicky More than 1 year ago
heart ful drop
Jason McDonald More than 1 year ago
Pure and from a deep place inside:)
Anthony More than 1 year ago
Open hearted is the sweetest way to be dude! Bahahaha!
Deakin McGinn More than 1 year ago
solid and readable, critic some of my poems i wood be honoured
Cice Rivera More than 1 year ago

Limited by his Addictions


Sea green eyes,

Gateway to his soul,

Soulful man to hold,

Limited by his conditions,

Mentally and emotionally unavailable,

Overwhelmed and silently robbed by his addictions,

No trust, friendship, or companionship,

A mere reckless love,

Tainted trust,

Tainted love,

Tainted friendship and unstable love!

Gerlie Espanola More than 1 year ago
Harmony Sapphire More than 1 year ago
Incredible, excellent, extraordinary, epic, remarkable, profound, unique, exquisite, insightful, inspiring, amazing, sensational, fantastic, exceptional, awesome, interesting, radiant, beautiful, lovely, classical, & thoughtful. Thanks for sharing!!! You can review my poems if you want.
Yudi Shah More than 1 year ago
Clifford Cherry More than 1 year ago
I like your touch with the pen! The details within your words jump off of the paper, but not like a book, like a melody from a good song!
jennifer baker's 12 months ago
Lovely they are
Joey Magill More than 1 year ago
So good and pure 
Humera Shafeeq More than 1 year ago
Love and romance ...good work 
CLINT 6 months ago
Liked it
Sandeep Kaul 10 months ago
Though picturesque prose.contains no matter of true love 
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