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ice sis diamond, or man part one

Splash2 by louie B
by 2010 i saw it in my mind.
in 2011 i saw it wiff my eye.
Temple one, a Heartly two.
somthing i had said.
there is two suns.
who laughed? who cried?
could i lie?
a man with a cope, a promis of its vector.
i watched i hoped.
in three days i discovered, captured cataloged, presenting my findings to our world.
he laughed, she scaouffed, it was suffitiant.
all the children had become insane.
the reflections freethisone
a rare glimps.
my brighter sun object with friends.
we were scattered light too, once.
inature itself polarized the image seen with the unaided eye.
will you laugh? or will you cry knowing the truth?
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louie B More than 1 year ago
my first poem in a few years lol
ice sis diamond, or man part one, by louie B 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Janice Brown More than 1 year ago
I have had similar encounters,nothing
Surprizes much.There is a god.
stanley flodin More than 1 year ago
There was a 16th century Chinese Emperor who said , even those with the same belief
have different beliefs , in writing Chinese laws. I have seen two Suns to.
louie B More than 1 year ago
in mid october 2015 i saw pink. a dirty remider of what was yet to be. i saw cancer, i saw feet, i saw a football spinning on a field. i had said i know what this is, comeing off the pope a real sacrafice could be comeing. i had said by 2 weeks into November if it happenes it is an attack. by november i had said i know what this is, dirty pink and a possible attack. why? i had said pink panther, i had said france, or london a go go. stated to the possie by november 13th it will if its gonna. here is why.. it is the pink pather i said at the flea market. i had a captive auduance. i had said just wait and see. it did, it happened. understanding a pink, or blue diamond comes around every so offten in flawless fashion. was it payment? some token for crime? indeed it was. here is why...
louie B More than 1 year ago
part two of ICE sIS pink unedited draft man makes diamond rich man buys it then names it. not one not two, but thrice, leaving londoom next on the crime. 3 to 5 years to to go, another pink token to follow. after one thousand years man will never know. the man made carbon hoax. destroy these tokens i say, made by every fly, and oh so full of lies.. my story, made true... i had come to poet, parrot, or some. A wack on the door. A roll of the thumb. lost in eyes of some soul, remebering nothing of times of old. i dreamed up my song, played it all along. never knowing to do or long for...
louie B More than 1 year ago
one man in the world saw this.
Deakin McGinn More than 1 year ago
original style. keep writing ill keep reading
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