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Alan Peedin(Dad I hear you)

All the tremors shook my world; I never knew you could be lost.
A summer is the same as another but when it became another with the sound of silent,
the breeze would speak of a rose and a bud, as they grew from each other.
For love was the reason to spare another storm but when the sky became bright,
the dream of us being free become my heart.
I tried to spare you the pain but I am flying blindly.
In a moment of time, the soft crashing of the waves and remembering your smile.
But I hear, Dad, I never left. Our choices are hard
but dad I am here, I only left to fly.
Look to the skies and you will find me.
When the wind are blowing and the birds are going,
when the moment become silent
because your heart block everything out,
look to the sky, you will feel me, he said.
the wind will cradle you and the world will become silent,
Oh Dad, please live for me, I am free and flying in your skies.
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