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~Disclaimer- this is a parody, don't sue me~

I want to be the very best
my childhood come to life
to catch them is the real test
And being number one
I must travel around the block
through suburbs and city parks
stopping here and flinging there
Why can I not stop

it's Poke Go
it'll end us all
prepare for the fall
Oh, don't deny the truth
the world is truly doomed.
Poke Go, have to walk a lot
its so true
Our shoes will see us through

Are you red are you blue
team yellow too, but who cares
gotta swipe them all

Every person on the street
I wonder if they're on my team
I will walk everyday
And claim that top gym place

Get your phones the time is now
be the better team
side by side, we'll take them down
That's always been the dream

Poke Go, lets catch them all
it's red v blue
my mon is 1000
Poke Go, oh your the worst app
cause now I can not nap
Oh no, now I have no juice
panic is real
I see a mon I do not have

Don't run away have a berry
Poke Go, its full of bugs
gotta fix em all
gotta catch em all
gotta walk em all
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