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The poor!

Homeless and torn
In the vicinity they adorn
The poor have a brave way of leading life
They have to fight for every bit of the right
Food,education and health care they have none in their share
They are nomads living in the desert bare
No place to call home or turn back to
God has not gifted them his golden shoe
So it's up to the rich to help the poor make through
To setup for them a good livelihood!
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The poor!, by Seema Ali 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Dips Lawati 11 months ago
its only in art we say so
practically none has the desire to do
Seema Ali 11 months ago
Thank you
Vincent Kersulec 11 months ago
I'm tossed to and fro
Wajahat Imran 7 months ago
Excellent description of  the life of poor
Firdous Andrabi 4 months ago
Keep it up seema
Bernardo Aaron Borbon 7 months ago
Truth of reality. 
Tapiwa Gumbie 27 days ago
This is art you are drawing pictures with words
ARUN MAZUMDER 6 days ago
Anita Longino 11 months ago
Nice poem concerning a relevant topic. Good work.
Seema Ali 11 months ago
Thank you
Seema Ali 11 months ago
Diane P Tabor 10 months ago
Its the true art of living
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