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Newspapers today!

Today's daily Gazette
Has in it the information of all
That happened in the past times and
It carries the probe into tomorrow's finer ways
There is a magnificence it portrays
It covers each topic under the sun
And it cannot be outrun!
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Newspapers today! , by Seema Ali 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
Mic Cinani More than 1 year ago
Katie Fornelius More than 1 year ago
Sankar Karan More than 1 year ago
ARUN MAZUMDER 9 months ago
Ambika Mani 23 days ago
Short and crisp!!
sonia crt 1 days ago
good one
bijim dominic More than 1 year ago
Good one,  please and  comment
Christopher Russon More than 1 year ago
Nice poem.True.
Coy Day More than 1 year ago
Ps Bindu Prasad More than 1 year ago
Good .expected more lines
Yudi Shah More than 1 year ago
Seema Ali More than 1 year ago
Tony Gurhy More than 1 year ago
Short but nice
Harikrishnan Unnikrishnan 4 months ago
Very short for a poem... Plain black and white just like the star of the poem the daily gazette. Feel you can do more than just 7 lines.. 
shiny kar 3 months ago
nice words.
Muhammad Wazim Akram More than 1 year ago
What made you write about the gazette?
Keith Baucum 10 months ago
Matematika Shqip More than 1 year ago
that it is short, is good, but HARDLY any good. 
the words are too general; the line of thought too plain ... might as well grab a GAZETTE and line a few words from it the way you have and i shall call it POETRY, right? 

please, don't write... it's far from good. 
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