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Devils Stage

The Devils in charge of the world in his hands
Everywhere you look his power expands
The little boys father who shoots up in the car
The little girls mother with bruisies and scars
From the top of the world the power is strong
Make beleive that right is wrong
Government hand outs, to mental to work
School shooting students that go Bezerk
As he pulls our strings and laughs at as all
We dance on his stage as he makes the next call
To the phyco with the gun whos family lies dead
Innocense lost, stolen out of bed
There will be a time when the Devil gets weak
God will take over and he will speak
Speak of his Love , speak of his Grace
Even the devil will bow down on his face
To end the pain and suffering too
To Love in harmony one another in truth.
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Janet Rhynders More than 1 year ago
lovely poem
Sonja Carnes 4 months ago
Awesome write
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