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Splash2 by louie B
When you are in learning,
have you wondered, should be learning?
Hard to admit? Its not anger, its never pain....
We suffer for our hope. Hope in the everlasting....
When i was in learned i have wondered, i have dreamed.
I saw color, and vivid images of mankind.
I saw a people, separated. unseen, of the unimagined.
I was looking, at what i had seen.
I could not imagine the dwelling sorrow. of imaged anguish. and pain..
What were they was selling?
They published in vain, to ease stop the pain.
but the sycamore tree had grew no more.
To bear this burden, of hopeless, and anguish, and pain...

The key points of my poem is about a system of learning. a truth we all seek or search to find.
the words to bear this burden is my attempt to bear the burden of the human condition. America as I see or as I had saw in general natural disasters and the people affected. I now see even more truth full visions and the hillery lou cage confection. the reason for this condition is I had strived to write my poem, I strive to open the eyes of the unimaginable horrors portrayed on a people of faith. in clear concise manner with a simple twist that evil can not see. and will never control good will always be my master. a civilization divided must fall, how sad..

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Flat , by louie B 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Diana Sitnic More than 1 year ago
bravo wow
louie B More than 1 year ago
Spirit of JESUS Save Help Truth More than 1 year ago
God love you and he needs you keep going WITH him
Coy Day More than 1 year ago
Ritika Mallik More than 1 year ago
written nicely
Misty Simon 4 months ago
Thanks for explaining at the end
Rachelle DeBretagne More than 1 year ago
If you need help with your spelling and grammar, I am always happy to help.
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