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Journys end

Splash2 by louie B
Set out to find a stone
journeys end far from home.
Stares with bewildering eyes.
fleeted feelings of a solar storm on fire.
dragged by the heels its desire...
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sarah faith 4 months ago
I am miss Sarah by name
i was so much happy when going through your profile
you look nice,please if i may ask you? can we
be friend?IF yes this is my email sarahfaith713@gmail.com
i am waiting for your reply in my email now for more talk.
Yours Sarah
Journys end, by louie B 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Amy Luxon More than 1 year ago
love it 
CLINT 12 months ago
Really liked it
Jerry Stiles More than 1 year ago
Great poem,,short but powerful..
Joe Topich 7 months ago
Short but meaningful
sonia crt 5 months ago
Suzanne Wells Villafuentes 7 months ago
The corner stone is my rock
darren de leon 7 months ago
nice piece
Jerad Garcia 3 months ago
Short but heart felt
Steven Ernest Lee Cummings 10 months ago
Nadia Ziad 11 months ago
Branden Hurst 7 months ago
I appreciate the lyrical rhyming and assonance of each line but I feel it's very subjective - it could be about literally anything. This is not necessarily a bad thing but you sound like a 13yr old just chucked some words together so that they rhyme I mean "Solar storm on fire" - you just wanted to have assonance with "eyes" but the number of syllables is wrong. Also your punctuation is slightly off - you have a run on line at the start but are you saying the journey is made of stone? Or are you saying that you are on a journey to find a metaphorical stone? hmmm. For these reasons I give it a 2 star.
phillip issac 6 months ago
Alina Stoica 22 days ago
could make up for a song lyrics
hate you 11 months ago
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