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The Return

Lay your head upon my breast,
as my lips caress your hair;
Of burnished copper strands aglow,
which prompt my eyes to stare.

This taste of honey wet and sweet,
reveals the pure sensation;
Of pleasures bound between our souls,
with heartfelt revelations.

Entwined in passion's wild embrace,
our bodies move in time;
To music that is ours alone,
with reason to its rhyme.

I always knew you'd follow me,
with pleasurable intervention;
And feel the tears that reconcile,
our worlds from past contention.
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The Return , by Fran McClelland 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Robert Cortazzo 10 months ago
Soulmates/ Set free -

Fran McClelland 10 months ago
So glad you enjoyed it, Robert...thank you ! 
Fran McClelland 10 months ago
and rekindling the fires that lingered ! 
Fran McClelland 10 months ago
For all the 'romantics' out there, this one's for you !! 
Simon Caller 9 months ago
Simon Caller 10 months ago
Prose perfect to capture a moment in love. Almost wish I hadn't used the word evocative on Robert's poem yesterday as it's more fitting here
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
We can re-use words when they fit our purpose...meanwhile, your kind and complimentary review is most appreciated, Simon !! 
Simon Caller 9 months ago
Bittersweet reminder of a reality I've no more. Your poem deserves an honest review Fran, it's lovely.
Jawahar Gupta 10 months ago
Returning to .....................
a past love.....................................
Fran McClelland 10 months ago
thanks so much, Jawahar !! 
Jawahar Gupta 10 months ago
, "Give him back please".
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