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Under My Skin

Connecting all the wires within,
adjusting every private whim;
While managing the frequent ache,
resulting from my grave mistakes.

Until now my leisure days,
were lost inside a gossamer haze;
A wealth of guilt engulfed my soul,
removing doubts of destiny's role.

And through the fire I walked alone,
to banish fears from worlds unknown;
When as my burning flesh revealed,
the heavy scars beneath the shield.

Taught by a master of disguise,
to moan and cry for caution's prize;
I know not how I've come to be,
this hollow shell which no one sees.
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Under My Skin , by Fran McClelland 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Apollonia Don Ciccio 9 months ago
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
Many thanks, Apollonia ! 
Tracy Bollinger 9 months ago
Maybe it's the fluoride calcifying our pineal glands. Where's the escape hatch this time?
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
Sorry...it was a 'downer day' !! I'll do better for ya next time (lol). 
ARUN MAZUMDER 9 months ago
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
thank you, Arun ! 
Simon Caller 9 months ago
I am like the villain of your prose I broke a trust, I don't know why. It hurts all the more that she doubts all that was real before this uncharacteristic act. She still means the world to me, she's pure amazing magic. Bad guys often hurt themselves and I know I'll spend forevermore to make it right. Don't blame or doubt yourself Fran. Peace
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
thank you, Simon, I cherish your review and your kind advice ! 
Mark Gryner 9 months ago
What a clever way of describing that which your poem describes what the person is enduring! The whole poem justifies my having have read it several times. What time well spent! 
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
thank you so much, Mark, for your kind and complimentary words !! 
anonymo magnifico 9 months ago
...skillfully delivered upon release!....
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
You're most kind, A.M.!! 
Sonja Carnes 9 months ago
Very good rhythm!
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
thanks so much, Sonja ! 
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
Minds travel far in cryptic haze !
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
yet another 'abusive' poem from almost a week ago ! Help !! 
Ryan Anthony Werlinger 9 months ago
There's ready flesh beneath your scars 
furthermore; deeper beats a still warmed heart ready...
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
Many thanks, Ryan ! 
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