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Darling Child

I watch you as you play pretend,
a princess or the president;
The queen of all the cities 'round,
or even a crazy circus clown.

Your eyes beam with a mystery,
that only the Lord above can see;
He has great plans for future things,
throughout long winters and flowering springs.

With a lust for life no adult can show,
your smiling face in heaven's glow;
Could teach the world just how to shine,
and open hearts before their time.

The tiny little hands I hold,
are worth more than all the silver and gold;
Your easy days of wondrous play,
in memory shall never go astray.
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Darling Child , by Fran McClelland 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Fran McClelland 16 days ago
to make us better and lift us higher ! 
Fran McClelland 13 days ago
the innocence and playfulness of children keeps us young ! 
Fran McClelland 10 days ago
"Guide them but step away, children will glisten"... Line from song by
Stephen Sondheim...very apt today !! 
Coy Day 16 days ago
Fran McClelland 16 days ago
thank you, Coy ! 
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