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This Butterfly Heart

I've loved you for so many years,
and I still feel quite the same;
We've lived a life of faith and truth,
never playing reckless games.

My feelings grew even more intense,
as time passed through the seasons;
And troubles faded from our sight,
as we faced our trials with reason.

And when you leave me for awhile,
my heart sinks for those few hours;
Yet I know that soon you will return,
which refreshes love's healing powers.

So my heart soars like a butterfly,
with delicate wings that flutter and race;
Whenever you walk through the door,
and I see your smiling face !
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This Butterfly Heart , by Fran McClelland 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
which lets me express my love with ease ! 
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
I've joined the club...this has been 'reported' for abuse...don't know why !! 
Simon Caller 9 months ago
Fran your work categorized as those. Makes me think of love and longing mine. Peace
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
Very kind and sweet comment, Simon...I so appreciate it !! 
Abhilasha (Satya tewari) 9 months ago
Nice one..!
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
Thanks so much, Satya ! 
Tracy Bollinger 9 months ago
Is darn good Karma. Your a person of "royalty" in my book!
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
Thank you, Sir Tracy of Bollinger !! (lol) Really, a lovely comment ! 
alan wells 9 months ago
Excellent job fran. Heartfelt
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
thanks so very much, Alan !! 
Ester Grace. 9 months ago
Love the sweetness and sincerity of this wonderful piece. Nice work, Poet Fran!
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
Many thanks for your heartfelt praise, Ester ! 
Ronell Warren Alman 9 months ago
Well crafted poem here Fran.  
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
thanks so much, Ronell !! 
Reena Sharma 9 months ago
My heart opens even more reading this Fran! Thank you for sharing :)
Fran McClelland 6 months ago
I'm so glad this touched your heart, Reena...thank you ! 
anonymo magnifico 9 months ago
...U should take a bow upon release!...
Fran McClelland 6 months ago
Many thanks, A.M. ! 
Coy Day 9 months ago
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
thanks, Coy ! 
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