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This Butterfly Heart

I've loved you for so many years,
and I still feel quite the same;
We've lived a life of faith and truth,
never playing reckless games.

My feelings grew even more intense,
as time passed through the seasons;
And troubles faded from our sight,
as we faced our trials with reason.

And when you leave me for awhile,
my heart sinks for those few hours;
Yet I know that soon you will return,
which refreshes love's healing powers.

So my heart soars like a butterfly,
with delicate wings that flutter and race;
Whenever you walk through the door,
and I see your smiling face !
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This Butterfly Heart , by Fran McClelland 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Tracy Bollinger 11 days ago
Is darn good Karma. Your a person of "royalty" in my book!
Fran McClelland 11 days ago
Thank you, Sir Tracy of Bollinger !! (lol) Really, a lovely comment ! 
Simon Caller 11 days ago
Fran your work categorized as those. Makes me think of love and longing mine. Peace
Fran McClelland 11 days ago
Very kind and sweet comment, Simon...I so appreciate it !! 
Abhilasha (Satya tewari) 11 days ago
Nice one..!
Fran McClelland 11 days ago
Thanks so much, Satya ! 
Ester Grace. 14 days ago
Love the sweetness and sincerity of this wonderful piece. Nice work, Poet Fran!
Fran McClelland 14 days ago
Many thanks for your heartfelt praise, Ester ! 
Ronell Warren Alman 14 days ago
Well crafted poem here Fran.  
Fran McClelland 14 days ago
thanks so much, Ronell !! 
alan wells 14 days ago
Excellent job fran. Heartfelt
Fran McClelland 14 days ago
thanks so very much, Alan !! 
Fran McClelland 14 days ago
which lets me express my love with ease ! 
Fran McClelland 11 days ago
I've joined the club...this has been 'reported' for abuse...don't know why !! 
anonymo magnifico 8 days ago
...U should take a bow upon release!...
Reena Sharma 8 days ago
My heart opens even more reading this Fran! Thank you for sharing :)
Coy Day 14 days ago
Fran McClelland 14 days ago
thanks, Coy ! 
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