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The Night

The night raining horripulafion , midnight on thrills so ominous telling on chains of gold something ?
The shore so silelent and weak , thougts also fine making desire so well dwelling ?
In the style of a lullaby for telling tousands and tousdands as so stories as a chain 'eternity so dwellig ?
The knowledge so made a wonund so going to tell oh magic oh a memorable poem oh sheperdss so come thy magitude what so charming ?
Jugular veins not knowing termor unknown not telling midnight's so flurihing , celebrating no desire ?
Goblins oh smile new tricks made as cruvel eyes so waiting for somebody enjoyment pleasing ?
At night dreams oh waiting so somebody so probe and prob so and so for somewhat hidden knowledge so gain ?
So not knowing the flower of heaven great and beautiful the truth caresing such a breath for what some midights on flower virtue ambrosia ?
The night raining horripulation midnight on ambrosia thrill , so ominous telling on chains of gold something ?
The shore so silent and weak thoughts also fine bits making desire so well dwelling?
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