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Somebody singing

Somebody singing , something singing somewhere singing for somewhat singing?
where so glitering as hearing something oh seeing ?
So stable oh telling inner calling so making but not understanding something seen for somewhat filling but no feeling ?
Calling so thundering interior so trembling stroke oh clrcling much painful self own wriggling paths oh making ?
Calling so hearing skies fully covered and breath hard howling so covering knowledge pulsing ?
Nature waking so weak crying so hessitatingly writhe in pain senses oh waking song of so gaining ?
Everything filling faces oh throbbing going going so quick , pits not seen oh making speaking terms lenthen ?
Inner so inner so painful , cells so moving oh so great pain show so trobbing those very bad ?
Cracking so horrible and pulsing oh flaming heaven not made waiting so clear all bad things ?
Gate of parsdice so open and going oh waiting the end so end for the singing songs , the doors of knowledge not so closed so going and going ?
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