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Thrones not waiting

Thrownes not waiting and the pllars of glory mot standing the not ending excitemend not establised for somewhat tihking ?
Impulse not to stop war trumpets not , killing , killing those so suffered oh making to eternal far away all vain ?
The ocean of not roaring , not roaring , the prantic and violent dances not so revel everything trembling not so known not having anything ?
The wild hymns mot tuning not knowing any thing not so no distress verse mot so made nothing so seen grief not so seen ?
The mouths so devvour not opening starting not so end never cured , nothing swallowed untold storiies not told ?
Such mot written not so fold time so not dieng not so begin to be a chain nature mot so taken as a secret ?
Time so of covering waiting so not seen as hiding the unwritten pages not creating a question midnight's not going ?
Hearsay something as not facing to fall and not so heaped some noise for something telling the untold stoies chanting ?
Hundreds and hundreds of foot steps not so seen in so nothing consolation of the drowning earth nothing so known not wearing ?
Thrones not waiting and the pillars of glory mot standing ending excitement not establihed for somewhat thinking ?
Impulse not to stop war trumpets mot killing killing , those so suffered oh making to eternal faraway , all vain ?
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