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Oh no! Today is that day we must fear
he has not changed his socks in a year
his feet were once pink
now it is the colour of stink
so do be careful and don't get so near!

Oh no! He is peeling them off very slow
releasing the rotten smell into the air flow
the stiffness is creaking
and the flakes are reeking
i reckon in the dark they would really glow

Oh no! They are free of his large fetid feet
and standing erect next to his bench seat
look! they are a-walking
soon they will be talking
the stench was putrid but somehow sweet

Oh no! My olfactory sensation is in despair
the malodorous began to foul the fresh air
dangerous choking gases
fogging up his glasses
before he begins to peel off a second pair!
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SOCKS, by Mick Reid 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
ARUN MAZUMDER 9 months ago
Mick Reid 9 months ago
thank you :)
Rhonda K Langford 9 months ago
Excellent form. Humorous poem. Click like if you like my review ok.
Mick Reid 9 months ago
thank you with a million smiles i am glad you liked this poem :)
TODD TODD 9 months ago
Mick Reid 9 months ago
thank you :)
Fluffy Bunny xx 9 months ago
i really felt..err, i mean smelt this one (bad for me i know lol) !!
it reminded me to get back into reading "Stains on the Wall" by Hugh Flungdung   ;)
Mick Reid 9 months ago
lol those titles haha 'rusty bed springs by I P Nightly'  cheers with a million thank you smiles :) 
Fluffy Bunny xx 9 months ago
haha love that one !!
what about "1000 miles on a camel's back" by Major B u m sore :)
Mick Reid 9 months ago
haven't heard that one :) lol....................if you are on face book look up Mick's Poetry :) :) :) .......my own poetry group (smiles included) (my profile pic is me in a red uniform operating a kiddies ferris wheel and a photo of an old register inside of  a historical shop is the cover pic) ...trying to think of other titles but i've got a mind blank at the moment 
Fluffy Bunny xx 9 months ago
Cool, okay !!
I'd call you "Million Smiles Poetry" by Mick Reid :) :) :)
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
Wonderfully creative write...good to see you back on the site, Mick !! 
Mick Reid 29 days ago
thank you :) 
Akash Sharma 9 months ago
Mick Reid 9 months ago
thank you :)
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