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Harmony not ending

Harmony not ending , animosity also for always so hunting for what anything does fasten so hard for what not clear ?
Such not so existing something become oh experiance so sure , so sure something and independend very much ?
On strems the wetness seems oh visualised as one imagination as so the truth as sweetness ?
As like flowers abandoned as so cooling not so having as a music having no end as like memory so on memory as one llike an experiace very mew ?
The golden throne sp decorated in moon light great as somewhat as such a desire on silver light ?
As a cool breeze so feeling in stories without any calculation as so a sweet tune as honey as dawn ?
Calculation of all the gains surviving as like a very gleaming appearance as a fruit of knwledge a glazing illumination ?
The horripulating yachts of the burning mind moving so without any aim dreams not so seen not hiding on glamour so celebrated ?
Harmony not ending , anmosity also for Lways so hunting ?
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