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Yourself sole so broken my loncherishd dreams and yourself sole so broken my life , so making me somewhat to make me nothing what to say ?
Making me mot my self sucking my blood from veins and making me sole broken , all broken ?
My dreams so broken yoursolf , my life so broken yourself making me all ruined so ruined?
So making me not myself the blood from my veins sucking all the blood yourself brokev so broken me?
No pardon so yourself , no rependence so nothing .nothing I went so damaged and cutting down ?
What to say I don't know , I am helpless you have made me burried as a cadaver ?
I am so sorry for all sorry on sorry I am now making a bundle of sorry ?
I am so changing as pain on pain oh ptresent past and future I don't know ?
Oh so farewell for all my dreams I am changing my desires all so farewell , farewell for my longings on my dealings so farewell .farewell , farewell ?
Changing as a pain in pain as realization being nothing , being nothing .being nothing everlasting farewell!farewell!farewell !?
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