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The prophet turns talkative , prophecies so covered applosion for always so much oh filled with ?
Flamed of fire all entire , lightning so heavy that so above all understanding do burning and most strong ?
The tongues on words so glittering , serious severity does accompany and turn an ocean of flaming fire ?
Voice of the prophet so making a hell of fire as unseen , untold becoming more and make horror on a bugle ?
So pillars of fire making as many words on something that to set clear all the secrets of the nature and so laughs ?
Prophecies so rough shutting eyes and so possible the lamps of earth so laughing , lauhing ?
Incessantly so incessantly the prophecies making all or erecting something to think the year through no heat no all the time ?
Thousants of prophecies moving as not having years seen something not speaking so burning ?
The gist so no mercy on nothing unending and somelike ?
The prophet turns talkative .prophecies so covered on explosion for always so much oh filled with?
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