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In Our Backyard

While pearly drops drift from the sky,
as soft as angels' wings;
A graceful spruce encased in white,
staunchly waits for an early spring.

As crimson cardinals huddle close,
like holly berries bright;
Soon dash off to grab some grain,
an feed with sheer delight.

Along the fence the gray squirrels climb,
seeking sustenance and warmth;
While nibbling on nuts and pine cone treats,
they still shiver in the storm.

And as we view this winter scene,
through a frost-laced window pane;
We're grateful not to feel the chill,
that Nature's come to claim.
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In Our Backyard, by Fran McClelland 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
Nature flowing bright and free ! 
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
A wintry mix of peace and calm...please read and review !! Many thanks. 
Mick Reid 9 months ago
nice image on a winter scene , cheers and a million smiles :) 
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
thanks so much, Mick ! Cheers to you, too ! 
ugochi 9 months ago
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
thank you, Ugochi ! 
Reena Sharma 9 months ago
This reminded me of your wonderful poem before Xmas about the poinsettia tree! Thank you for sharing nature's imagery in prose once again! An area you are most talented in! :)
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
So happy you enjoyed it and remembered the poem about the White Poinsettia. I'm very touched by that !! Thank you, dear Reena !! 
Sonja Carnes 3 months ago
I really love this! I just gave your poem a big hug!
Fran McClelland 29 days ago
I'll take it...hugs right back at you, my friend !! 
Shobha Raman 9 months ago
Shobha Raman 9 months ago
Please review my poem unforgettable  day
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
thank so much, Shobha ! 
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