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I think back on achievements I made in my walking miles
Dreams of imaginations during while
Struggles that were sustained
Yet having the inspiration that remained
Determination at every turn
Lessons through learning being experience
But through it all, it took endurance
Many Heritage achievers were my influence
Inspiration that could only come from a true achiever
There were decisions to make
Traditions to break
Stand strong and it doesn’t matter how long
Like my many ancestors before me, be determined and don’t tire
You have dignity and honor being the desire
Faith in believing in doing in value worth receiving
Abilities all surrounded by efforts
Hate from others being morality that you process
Negativity only makes you stronger
Didn’t fall to weak is a form of defeat
Pushed on no matter what the obstacle
It was a matter to either go over the struggle or around it
The whole time was survival and encouragement you can make it
Life is about fulfilling a commitment one aims for
It’s the confidence that makes it sure
Understanding one’s purpose and coming together with the outspoken voice
However, it is assurance in knowing that everlasting is marvelous, and the creed of shall and can being obvious.
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sarah faith 8 months ago
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i was so much happy when going through your profile
you look nice,please if i may ask you? can we
be friend?IF yes this is my email sarahfaith713@gmail.com
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ENDLESS MILES, by ANTHONY CHARLES HOUNDMAN BLAKE 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Lisa Ringseth More than 1 year ago
Life is crazy but I love it....
Feeling inspired no matter what, but having a commitment to fulfill
Julia Gerada 10 months ago
This line made me decide about this poem.
It says the truth.
sonia crt 9 months ago
Maya Biya 5 months ago
Loved this particular line. Great poem.
Megan Libey 6 months ago
Remember we are what we are today becsuse of trials and tribulstions we have endured in our past, we were just important enough to make it to the present. Great poem. 
Catna Jon More than 1 year ago
Good writing
Diane P Tabor 8 months ago
great walk of thinking!
darren de leon More than 1 year ago
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