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Unfamiliar beliefs!

Most people, don't believe, exactly, the same! We, are unique, we, are human! One, of, a kind! Created, in the image, of God! Our brains, are supercomputers! We are beyond, anything else, in the universe! Existence, was bound, to create, us! It, was decided, before, our conception! Time shouted, it's power, when we, arrived! Specious, were drove, to extention! To create, for us, the perfect, climate! We complete, the cycle, of life! Share, in the blessings, of memories! Let family, always, remind, you, of hope! Fight, for what's, right! Aim, to do, better, then, you did, yesterday! It's, not about, being perfect! What man is? Reaching, for the stars, is about, not giving, up! It's about, learning, from mistakes! Letting life, teach you! Helping the hungry, in need! Better choices, create, better lives! Believeing, in the equality, of both, sexes! Male and female! Valueing, your freindships, for what, they are! Two people, making, the right, decision, is often, easier, than one! We need, to care, more, about, each other! Some, of us, would rather, vote, for more, jails, then schools! True, equality, means that, we listen! Respecting, human beings! No matter, the race, religion, or gender! We need, great leaders! Not, rich men, who are, fighting, only, or mostly, for certain, individuals! If I, don't hate, you, then why, can't, we both, sit down, at, the table, having, the conversation, about, our community! I stand, for any, man, that wishes, me truly, the best, as they, wish themselves, in life! Even as, a poet, who wishes, people whould, just read, my poems, and bless, me as, a poet, with, the finances, to survive! The most important, thing, is standing, for, the poor! As myself, who's voices, are not, always heard! The sons, who've, lost their, dad's, before, they ever, became, a man! The women, who lost, their husbands, the ones, they loved, the most, and the immigrant, searching, for freedom, in an, oppresive, world! When we believe, in each other, we all, can succeed! Putting, ourselves, to the side, for other, people, desperately, in need! If, all the world, pulled together, in love! We would, all eat together, with hugs! If, we sought out, for true, understaning, and stopped speaking, to listen, we, would hear, voices, of freedom, from, all of our, children! United, we stand, yet, together, we fall! I wish, happiness, and peace, to each, one, of us all!
By©Devon Bates2017
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Unfamiliar beliefs!, by Devon Bates 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Devon Bates More than 1 year ago
It has a true meaning to me! It's somerhing i thought out and spoke from the heart! I hope it makes someones day!
Sonja Carnes More than 1 year ago
Your work is good! The message is profound,and wise! Amazing piece!
Georgeta Nedeclu More than 1 year ago
Fight the gpod fight.
Briana Gustus More than 1 year ago
A great message,alot of emotion,well done
Coy Day More than 1 year ago
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