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Now my son, listen to me

Now my son, listen to me.
These lonely moment, I'll remember your laughter ringing in the wind
but I could not stop the storm as the tears of God fell, it would remind me of my heart for you.
In the forest, ocean, wind, or sun
I heard you. You are the diamond in the rough.
But lies told on the wind would steal you from me.
Only a sparrow, your flew blindly without the truth.
Now my son, listen to me.
"Be kind and forgiving", for your heart is just like mine.
You can be hard as a diamond in the rough but you have a forest whispering to you as the God of light whisper to you and you will hear my voice, " Be kind and forgiving"
As I gather all the tears I have cries and rubies falls, You stand in my memories and your love shine above all
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Col Muhammad Khalid Khan 6 days ago
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