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litle dream

girl wearing glasses with a load on his back.

a girl sitting alone
hands hugging the book
eye leads to a paper
mouth muttering
read the contents and content of the book
hope that science will move him

himself alone embrace a collection of books
his shoulders carrying a small bag
bag tangled with loose thread
a small smile when seeing a friend
seem like a no load attached

this girl is incredible
powerful with all its limits
myopic eyes
while selling books
vend merchandise
Who is this woman?
my tears fall flow
bear to see her? works faisalfahmimarpaung
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litle dream, by Faisal Fahmi Marpaung 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Sonja Carnes More than 1 year ago
Now that's what I'm talking about.Great poem! I love it!
Faisal Fahmi Marpaung More than 1 year ago
Where do you come from? sonja carnes? why you always online on this site?
Faisal Fahmi Marpaung More than 1 year ago
Jawahar Gupta More than 1 year ago
Life is good
Life is Beautiful
Life goes On,
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