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User by Anna K
I am faithful
I do not leave you
You wear me every day
Sometimes you run, each footfall pains me
Yet when you stand I itch to run
I would stay with you forever
But you always discard me
Time and time again
I see no tears of remorse when you do

I am not the one who changes
It is not I that no longer fits you
It is you that
No longer fit me
Yet I do not abandon you
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Anna K More than 1 year ago
This poem is told from the perspective of a shoe. However, it is also a metaphor. Especially in the last verse, it talks about how you feel when someone 'outgrows' you and casts you off; the sense of injustice because you were not the one who changed. I like this way of writing, in free verse, because you don't have to hunt for the 'right' word that fits with both what you are thinking and the rest of your poem. I hope you enjoy this poem.
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