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Can't Move
Stiff and Brittle
Snap, and Pop
Cardboard hats
Where's the showed
Zombie took them!
This poem has been reported for abuse and is under review.

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Sonja Carnes 7 days ago
Meant to read for my son. My tablet is needing Cleared.
Sonja Carnes 7 days ago
Wrote this for an school/ dance Halloween party!For My so !
Zombies, by Sonja Carnes 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
J Beynon 4 days ago
This is truly unique and clever! I enjoyed this so much! BIG FAN of YOURS!
ARUN MAZUMDER 7 days ago
well done
Sonja Carnes 7 days ago
Thank You, Arun . For your kind Review!
Dean Welch 7 days ago
Unique. I like this
Sonja Carnes 7 days ago
Thank You, Dean. I'm glad you liked this! I enjoyed your review!!
Jawahar Gupta 7 days ago
but  believed
nzambi (god) and zumbi (fetish).
Sonja Carnes 7 days ago
You make me laugh, high school dance Halloween party for my son! I have 6 children 5 boys 1 girl. They kept me busy! I loved the poem about your granddaughter drawing Your eyes! 
Jawahar Gupta 7 days ago
May God Bless you and Your family,
Thanks again to love my poem

You have a good taste for literature, Sonja
I will love reading your work,
Jawahar Gupta 7 days ago
the other poem for you
Sonja Carnes 7 days ago
Just playing zombies,wrote it for my son when he was in high school! Halloween party in the gym!
Tay Bell 7 days ago
Sonja Carnes 7 days ago
Thank You, Tay, wrote this for my son when he was in high school! For a Halloween party
And School dance!
Hughy Huggins 6 days ago
Guess I'm too old to understand.
Sonja Carnes 6 days ago
Hughy, yes, it was a high School dance, my son went to. Soldiers in cardboards hats was the theme. The lost souls is referring to the shoe's, I spelled (Souls) pertaining to human souls vs.Sole's (of shoes). Hope that helps it's a real silly poem but the people in my son's class voted it as Thier Halloween game choice! Thank you,Hughy.

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