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Here stands the end of the road!
Must walk the path less traveled.
Unable to see clear of the forest.
Not lost or forgotten, just hidden!
Finding solace in this secluded
Spot of nowhere!
This poem has been reported for abuse and is under review.

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Sonja Carnes 6 days ago
A spot unknown!
Hidden, by Sonja Carnes 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
J Beynon 4 days ago
Find that place where you can put everything off to the side and be at peace ! very nice!
Fran McClelland 6 days ago
Solitude can often be comforting, Sonja. You captured that feeling in this visual piece.
Love it ! 
Sonja Carnes 6 days ago
Thank You,Our Dear Sweet Fran! Your kind words are up- lifting!
Sonja Carnes 6 days ago
Nice  hidden spot unknown!
Fran McClelland 6 days ago
Could you please read and review 2 poems not posted on the Home Page from yesterday, "Haunting Voices" and "Within Boundaries" ?? Your comments are always appreciated, my friend !! Many thanks !! 
Hughy Huggins 6 days ago
I enjoyed your poem.
Sonja Carnes 6 days ago
Thank You,Night, I appreciate your kind review!
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