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Love Takes Flight

When darkness increases it gives way to light
My sweetheart my beloved keep me in sight
It is up to imagination in which way it takes flight
Let take love with all colors for sake of delight
Love is a rainbow ,a real shade of pure white
It makes lover and beloved wonderfully bright
Its negation of ones self and acceleration of fight
Let come from abysmal depths to proper height

Let my love celebrate every moment in exile
From just pace to pace and from mile to mile
Let me take you my love in arms for a while
I am your staunch lover,so I have to be loyal
What is your real fashion , what is your style
You are from fairies land I am son of the soil

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow

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It Takes Flight, by Col Muhammad Khalid Khan 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan 10 months ago
Sweet Honey Dove 10 months ago
oh muhammad
you know me so well !! ;)
fantastic poem
thank you

Andreas Simic 10 months ago
The last line is telling as it creates a contrast in how the relationship is viewed. Interesting!!
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan 10 months ago
Thanks Andreas
Sonja Carnes 10 months ago
Amazing message! This is exceptional work!
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan 10 months ago
Thanks Sonja ,a lovely comment
Robin Patir 10 months ago
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan 10 months ago
Thanks Robin
Pankaj Kanaujia 10 months ago
Your poetry too takes flight to an abnormal flight
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan 10 months ago
Thanks Pankaj
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