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An ounce of hope is
worth a pound of of gold.
Riches lose Thier value
When the will is swallowed
By the savage grip
Of discontent.
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Sonja Carnes 8 months ago
Value the quality of hope! 
Hope?, by Sonja Carnes 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Jawahar Gupta 8 months ago
~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~~
Sonja Carnes 8 months ago
Thank You Jawahar for your kind review!
Yam-tin Martin Wong 8 months ago
When a person has hope, he will work with more effort and more energy, he will likely be successful!
Sonja Carnes 8 months ago
What is life with out hope? 
Fran McClelland 8 months ago
Secular things are transient, hope always guides the way !! Thanks for reminding us, my friend ! 
Sonja Carnes 8 months ago
Thank You, Fran I value your kind words, I've learn a lot from your guidance, your insight is 
Amazing. Hugs And Hopes!  Sonja 
J Beynon 8 months ago
very deep and so true! THank you !
Lori Dixon 8 months ago
Very deep love this 
Always lean on Him 
He is strength hope when we are hopeless
Sonja Carnes 8 months ago
Thank You ,Lori for your support! You're right! Sometimes it needs to be said and Heard.
Take care! Thanks again, Sonja!
sun dog 8 months ago
You have probably never written a truer word.
Sonja Carnes 8 months ago
Thank You! For your excellent review! I really love your work! Your wit is is much like your spirit, awesome! Take care, SD, I see an excellent opportunity for you! Best of hope for you!
Always, SC!!!!!! 
ARUN MAZUMDER 8 months ago
well done
Sonja Carnes 8 months ago
Thank You Arun. I appreciate your kind review!
darren de leon 8 months ago
agree much

Allen Flowers 8 months ago
Once hope is lost...all is lost!
Sonja Carnes 8 months ago
Yes, Allen, you're right this is a very good review! Hope to read your work soon. Thank You
For Your kind review!
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