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I See The Best In Them

The art is articulate and get faster and never be late.
What's new to me is when someone I know tells me information in a dream but in this life they could never relate.

Using terms that they're not use to giving me valuable information that drives my ultimate getaway.

I see potential in them every time I look at them now but many I see choose to not wanna be the best them.

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Trippi Sanders 10 days ago
Its about dreams of people I know telling me things that they wouldn't even have interest of talkin about or researching OR EITHER they never show any sign of knowing that kind of knowledge lol
I See The Best In Them, by FirstTimothy Sanders 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Kim Joseph Delani 10 days ago
There are some people who give us comfort.
Trippi Sanders 10 days ago
Nice quick poem lol
Sonja Carnes 10 days ago
Insightful and intriguing work here, exquisite work!
Subhashchandra Adhav 10 days ago
Wonderful poem-
Excellent share    !!!

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