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I See The Best In Them

The art is articulate and get faster and never be late.
What's new to me is when someone I know tells me information in a dream but in this life they could never relate.

Using terms that they're not use to giving me valuable information that drives my ultimate getaway.

I see potential in them every time I look at them now but many I see choose to not wanna be the best them.

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Trippi Sanders 6 months ago
Its about dreams of people I know telling me things that they wouldn't even have interest of talkin about or researching OR EITHER they never show any sign of knowing that kind of knowledge lol
I See The Best In Them, by FirstTimothy Sanders 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Sonja Carnes 6 months ago
Insightful and intriguing work here, exquisite work!
Subhashchandra Adhav 6 months ago
Wonderful poem-
Excellent share    !!!

Trippi Sanders 6 months ago
Nice quick poem lol
Kim Joseph Delani 6 months ago
There are some people who give us comfort.
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