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My Queen Gone

My Queen Gone

Your white draughts
Mine black
Next game
Yours black
Mine white—
You and me
Eyed on red queen
Though you were my
Real life queen
However in the carom game
Our interest keen

When in the game
We were engrossed fully
Invisible icy hands
Came deceitfully
They scattered draughts
Flung and threw draughts

On the board left the red queen—a single draught
On my mind—emotional drought
In my hand –a silent striker
However me an eroded striker
They lifted you!-Oh! My Queen
Desperately I looked at the red queen
On the empty board –only the red queen
Emptying me, you were gone, My Queen!!
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Subhashchandra Adhav 9 days ago
Emptying me,my queen gone !1
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