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Gently I breathe

Gently I breathe and work with all dedication and sincerity.
From each breathe I get strength and energy.
With some deep breathings I forget my worries and anxieties.
Observing the breaths I merge in peace and bliss and move on the path of peace,progress and prosperity.
Bteathings sing silently the songs of my life.
All my loneliness are removed.
Me and my breathing work unitedly in serving my family,organization and society.
My breathing makes me healthy,wealthy and wise.
In each breathing I inhale positives and exhale the negatives.
Witnessing the breathing silently and steadily I make pure and perfect my thoughts,words and deeds.
I breathe and work with perfection and beauty and strive for global harmony and peace.
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Conrad Franco, Jr. 7 days ago
Gently I breathe, by SUBRAT RATH 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Sonja Carnes 7 days ago
Lovely poem here
SUBRAT RATH 7 days ago
Witnessing my breaths I feel at rest and work with zeal and zest.
Sweet Honey Dove 7 days ago
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