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Night is silent.
I am looking to it and searhing me with hopeful eyes.
I am moving deep inside it carefully observing my mental steps.
Mind is becoming serene and still and I am seeing the Lord sitting with all smiles on his face.
Light is emanating from the Lord's eyes.
I am finding my way. Fearing not the darkness I am trying to fulfill my wishes.
Lord has shown me light in intense darkness.
I am now happily moving on the path of peace,prosperity and progress.
Fearing not any darkness from the silence of the night I am getting much energies and strengths.
I am not afraid of any sort of mind's darkness and beautifully striving for peace and harmony in the global village.
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Darkness, by SUBRAT RATH 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
SUBRAT RATH 6 days ago
Lord shows light in the darkness of the mind

Kshitij Sharma 6 days ago
shivangi choudhary 6 days ago
# lord has shown me light in intense darkness........ exactly

Mottakinur Rahman 6 days ago
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