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Burn in Me

I am freezing like an ice cube
waiting for the fire of your smoky ice
covered with the winter zones
shivering with the cold of loneliness

I dreamed of you when I was born
I held your shades in my tender days
my lips whither and my eyes constrict
to kiss you to see you here

I open my soul I open my heart
I open all the zones of my thought
burn in me and set me free
burn in me with a soothing spree

I left the world
I left my name
I left the values
I left the fame

Come burn in me and find solace
come burn in me and leave no trace
of all the cold
of all the craze

tonight I die if you dont come
tonight I kill my beating heart
come burn in me so that I breathe
come burn in me my loving seed.
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Sajad Wani 5 days ago
love it
Burn in Me, by Sajad Wani 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Sajad Wani 5 days ago
i m waitin belobed
ARUN MAZUMDER 5 days ago
Jason Jerome 5 days ago
Less tjan zero
You will never know
How it feels when i'm without you.

Lips chapped and cracked, dry...yours the only balm i feel. Palmers palm, warm lips heal.

A fire in your eyes
Flirts and embers,
A part of me stirs and remembers
This winter's kiss.
Avoid the fire.
Stick with this.

The Iceman Cometh.
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