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Souse Dream(Redone )

May be someone has built a house
At the frontier of my heart!
Since somedays,slipping through my fingers
I have lost the sleepy night!
The roar sound of a child is now being heard.
Amongs the pensiveness of my mind
There are certain sufferings of delivering a child!
Albeit it is unseen,it is true.
For having the heart of humanbeing
The stirring words are 'Revolt'
And devoted themselves into deeper meaning of 'Poetry'.
Belike!the prolong pang is to end!
Or perhaps!the 'Souse' dream of flying
By the chariot of literary addiction has to be fulfilled!!

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Mottakinur Rahman 24 days ago
All Rights Reserved.
Mottakinur Rahman 3 months ago
This poem is written on the basis of Hiruda's popular statement,"The writing task of poetry isnot so easy,it is as difficult as delïvering a child."
Souse Dream, by Mottakinur Rahman 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Mottakinur Rahman 3 months ago
This is what I define as Poetry.
Vishal Rasgotra 3 months ago
I like it
Jason Jerome 3 months ago
Many mansions
Menu jewels much gold
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