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Going beyond the body,brain and mind

The horizon was giving all hopes.
The stars were twinkling and the full moon was very soothing.
The beauties of the nature were deeply mesmerizing.
Looking to the nature I was forgetting my worries and anxieties.
Mind was merging in infinite peace and bliss.
I was seeing only the stars,moon,suns and galaxies.
I was experiencing and becoming the entire universe dislodging from my brain,body and mind.
The eternity was embracing me with love and smiles.
Getting a beautiful rest in the night I was slowly dislodging myself from the bed and was feeling one divine in all things and beings.
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Going beyond the body,brain and mind, by SUBRAT RATH 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Sonja Carnes 5 days ago
Good poem here!
Kushal kalita 5 days ago
SUBRAT RATH 5 days ago
Going beyond the brain,body and mind and experiencing eternal peace and bliss.
Tiffany Franklin 5 days ago
I love it
Jason Jerome 5 days ago
Catch a falling star,
Pocket rocket.
Cheshie cat moon shines down sly smile,
The grass swayed with our bodies,
Love on the breeze
Rippling through waters
I lost myself in you 
Body breath and time
My flesh, my bread, my hope, my wine,
My dream...
My sleep 
My heavenly daughter
And climbing upon me.
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