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I'd much appreciate

You knowing your place
Yes stars are blind but she's my generation
But you are ten year younger
If anybody in public acts racist
I will brutally get rid of it
I cannot be in control of each and everyone in uniform - very low under God under devil vacuumed under within the ecosystem
I am the centerpiece and protagonist
When your hormone is high like until 85 you won't get it
When you reach a certain age it will dawn on you
Maybe this life is very temporary and I lived my life licking the surface of water melon
I will not endure any racism on tv
I will consider it as an exit request by lucifer
Just thinking
In an abandoned ecosystem domed like this
It is a rare catch of the eye to come across a sentient being like I myself
He would regret his heart out
Then watch your people and keep their mouths shut

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I'd much appreciate , by Louisa yiew 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Shannon Moore 26 days ago
Writer has a vast grasp of words
Louisa yiew 26 days ago
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