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Can I just re-emphasize my greatness

In a world where cold hearted reptilians start feeling shuddering of hearts and changing of their hot bloodedness and starting to feel pumping of the hearts; in a world where boys are dressed girls parading like princesses
It is a rare catch of the eye to come across who knows the estoric spiritual secrets of the universe
And it is a wonderful world because she exists in slightly inferior look or race or gender
It's an honor because she understands our agony
What she does is - she feeds back the opinion of having patitipated in this ecosystem - it's a feedback of her opinions that count
She maybe a beast but it's an honor of all people she's the beast
Because we fInally have hopes- there may be something more compassionate and understanding than blood drinking insanity
So the focus is the inspiration she is to inspire "let it be~ whisper words of wisdom let it be~"
Not the focus of your cloning of the singer
In a world that abusive, my existence
Like a beacon in darkness

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Can I just re-emphasize my greatness, by Louisa yiew 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Louisa yiew 26 days ago
Shannon Moore 26 days ago
I enjoyed the poem
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